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R.K. Counseling LLC


Our  mission is to guide, direct, and lead  clients into a new life, new direction, and begin a healing process. Our soul purpose is to provide healing, recovery, sobriety, and a new schematic to live a life full of joy and peace of mind.

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Feeling isolated, hopeless, angry because no one understands you? Hurting because your life feels upside down. Family has written you off, or has completely cut ties? Your mind is going a mile a minute and you feel like there is no way out of the chaos.

Urges, cravings, inner demons that wont leave you alone. Can't keep relationships because "IT" controls you. Suffering from loss, hurting from infliction, constantly heart broken, in and out of jail, cant keep your job. People look at you like you are sick and alienate you regularly. I know how that feels and its terrible. Its ok to not be ok but how do you fix it?

My name is Ken and I have an answer. 25 yrs of alcohol and drug addiction, I can identify and relate. I have a list of options to choose from. Anger, drugs and alcohol, insurmountable conflicts, constantly arguing that you are "fine" I've been there and want to show you how to get your freedom back. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO DO IT ON YOUR OWN ANYMORE!

My mission is to serve you and be of service for you. It is my duty to walk with you down that dark and crazy path of uncertainty, bad days, worse nights, and deal with your trials, tribulation, and hopelessness. I've been there and know where all the traps, tricks, and monsters are. I will give you the tools and knowledge to fight them back and keep them back. I will guide and direct you how to be a better, stronger, and more meaningful person. In short, BE A BETTER VERSION OF YOURSELF!

Trust issues? Who  doesn't have them? The real question is, "Am I tired of being who and where I am?" The answer is yes. Now its time for you to take back control of you life, relationships, and build your success what ever that looks like. I will help you build it. You don't have to trust me, you just have to "want it" bad enough. Trust may come later but in the beginning, I'm just a guy that knows the territory.

There is hope for you. Get started today.

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